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Commercial Services

Services include:

  • Input to all stages of environmental impact and management studies, detailing the avifauna present within a designated development area, focussing on rare and/or threatened bird populations likely to be affected, and detailing best management practices and ways to mitigate negative impacts.

  • Design and expert supervision of long-term monitoring of bird populations and impacts at proposed development sites.

  • The sustainable solution of conflict between bird and human interests by means of rigorous scientific study.

  • Annotated avifaunal surveys with attendant conservation management and ecotourism planning.

  • Peer review of existing avian survey, pre-screening, scoping and impact assessment studies.

We have particular expertise and interest in the following:

  • The interface between birds and energy development, with emphasis on the biology of avian collisions with power infrastructure (especially power lines and wind turbines).

  • Early detection and mitigation of avifaunal impacts, particularly at the Strategic Assessment and pre-feasibility stages of the development schedule.

  • With our strong background in the scientific research of raptor and avian collision ecology, we are uniquely placed to provide highly specialised services such as:
    -  ground-based or aerial surveys of cliff-nesting raptor communities;
    -  hi-tech GPS telemetry or radar tracking of mobile species to inform collision risk studies;
    -  applied management solutions.
    The products of these disciplines are critical to the effective mitigation of impacts on threatened and susceptible birds.

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