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About Us

AVISENSE Consulting cc is owned and run by Andrew Jenkins, working in collaboration with Johan du Plessis (Du Plessis Environmental Consulting), and a number of other independent specialists. The company offers specialized bird-related information and advice to environmental consultancies, commercial and industrial ventures, and private individuals.

Why retain the services of AVISENSE Consulting?

AVISENSE boasts the most expert and experienced team of specialist ornithologists currently doing impact assessment work in South Africa. We combine knowledge and insight gleaned from years of fieldwork, with a strong background in academic research and a young, smart, keen-eyed and energetic team of observers. With these attributes, we offer prospective clients supreme levels of service, in which comprehensive and accurate avifaunal data are collected, analysed and presented in concise, readable but thorough reports that speak directly to the requirements of the job. While we are sincerely committed to the aims and ethics of sustainable development, we undertake to provide balanced and objective inputs on project impacts and mitigation. In this way, AVISENSE offers the best possible combination of credibility, thoroughness and efficiency, ensuring that our clients are fully protected from the potential costs and reputational damage associated with environmentally damaging developments. In short, we are the most qualified, responsible and cost-effective option for bird survey and avian impact assessment work available in the region.

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